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E-Avigator Commerce Limited was founded in late 2017 in Halifax, Nova Scotia. It locates at a major reginal center for Atlantic Canada’s economy, including Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland. Halifax was amalgamated with neighboring communities to form the Halifax Regional Municipal Government. Halifax Regional Municipality occupies a strategic and central location on the province’s east coast and is the one of the world’s largest and busiest harbors all around the world. Nova Scotia is ranking as the top one economy and trade province within those four Atlantic provinces. 

In the early stage of E-Avigator’ establishment, our main business was importing goods from China and selling those to local convenience stores, superstores, such as petty commodities, mobile phone accessories, daily life supplies, 3C products, etc. In order to satisfy the needs of international students and local Chinese business owners, our company is responsible for the transportation service and customs clearance from China to Halifax. At present, due to the business relationship between the general manager and local small and medium-sized business owners, the company has gradually begun to undertake corporate publicity supplies, office supplies customization and transportation service. We fully understand the basic needs of the local market, the purchase habits of western, the values of the consumption and purchasing power.

Since the end of the 2018, we have gradually begun to contact and negotiate with local government departments, such as Provincial Commerce Bureau, Provincial Immigration Bureau, Municipal Business Planning and Development Office, Municipal Import and Export Office, Municipal Commerce Commission, etc. The content mainly focuses on the establishment of the airport area of trade routes from Halifax to Zhengzhou. Westerns do not fully know about Zhengzhou City, but full of curiosity. They are very optimistic about the future prospects of cooperation, coupled with our trust. This is because the local market has a huge demand for all kinds of domestic products. However, due to the language barrier, geographical location and traditional western business logical, they used to purchase Chinese domestic goods from few big trading companies in Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal. Therefore, our company would like to build a trading bridge between Zhengzhou City and Atlantic Canada. Meanwhile, the Zhengzhou governors have great expectations on the export of Marine technology, seafood and by-products, information technology, agriculture and by-products, natural energy, clean purification technology, intelligent IT, etc. We both hope to open the first stop of Nova Scotia manufacturing industry in the Chinese market.

At present, the Government of Canada is deeply cooperating with our company. After explaining to them all kinds of challenges in environment protection in China, Canadian governors are more than happy to promote the high-end technology, cutting-edge equipment and professional human resources in Chinese demanding market. We both expect to connect with domestic departments and enterprises in the need of achieving a long-term cooperation through the Bridge. In addition to providing solutions and sources for local councilors’ election, I am also actively learning about Canadian politics. My vision has been affirmed by the city councilman, who also strongly recommended that I could run for the first Chinese councilor and contribute to the welfare of the Chinese community and the vast number of the overseas Chinese. 

Foreign products in Chinese market:

Six of the top eight trading companies are exporting goods to China, including four companies are running the seafood and by-products business, and other two are running lobster business only. The rest of two companies are running the fruit juice and pure water drinks.

The main export goods are: lobster, King crab, Snow crab, Oyster, Caviar, halibut, cod, seaweed cultivation and processing base, blueberries, wine, potatoes, beef, ice cream, etc.

Example: 7 Fresh JingDong; 2-3 times in a week, 80-120 tons of fish per time. Hunan duty-free port and freight subsidies.

There is 10%-20% opportunity for China-Canada cooperation.


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Contact: Ian Zhao

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Tel: +1(902)818-1211

Add: 1533 Barrington Street Unit 300-21, Halifax, Nova Scotia B3J 1Z4

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