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Zhengzhou: Widen Opening-up towards a National Central City

Zhengzhou, a city in the inland China away from borders and seas, now has turn into an international hub connecting Europe and Asia and a thriving national central city under progress, by taking advantage of its favorable location as a logistics hub and overall planning of aerial, land and online silk roads.

At noon on the Nov. 17, the 2,501st Cargolux flight arrived in Zhengzhou from Milan, Italy, bringing European electronics and auto parts, as well as daily necessities such as fashionable dress, cosmetics and milk powder.

To date, Zhengzhou Airport has guaranteed nearly 100 kinds of European goods, Wang Yong, a worker with Zhengzhou International Airport West Freight Depot said.

Over the past five years since the Zhengzhou-Luxembourg “Aerial Silk Road” opened in 2014, the cargo flight has been increased to 18 per week from 2 at the beginning, basically covering the Europe, Asia and America, as well as major economies in the world.

On the same day, the 1,559th China-Europe Block Train loaded with mobile phones, curtains and other goods from China and East Asian countries departed from Zhengzhou to Munich, Germany.

At the beginning, only one train ran each month and there was no import train either, but now it has increased to 8 shifts for export and 8 shifts for import per week, said Yang Wenjun, executive deputy general manager of Zhengzhou International Hub Development and Construction Co., Ltd.

In the past five years, China-Europe Block Train departing from Zhengzhou has delivered goods to 126 cities of 24 countries in the EU, Russia and Central Asia, with a value of nearly 8 billion US dollars.

Just a few years ago, Zhengzhou could not rival a county of south China in cross-border e-commerce transaction volume, but now, Zhengzhou’s cross-border e-commerce customs clearance capacity has reached 50 orders/second, and the Online Silk Road-based import & export turnover has amounted to 34 billion yuan.

Aerial, land and online silk roads make Zhengzhou’s development more international, and since then Zhengzhou has become a pivot for opening up from a hinterland.

Buying from the world and selling to the world, once the main strategy of opening and driving is realized, the rest will follow, said Yu Xin’an, vice president of China Association for Regional Economy and former director of the Henan Academy of Social Sciences.

Zhengzhou’s import and export trade volume increased from US$42.18 billion in 2013 to US$59.63 billion in 2017; economic aggregate increased from 620.19 billion yuan in 2013 to 913.02 billion yuan in 2017. While building an international integrated transportation hub, Zhengzhou has embarked on a new journey of building a national central city.

Source:zzhkgq.gov.cn Date:10/23/2018


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