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Nova Scotia Seafood Exports Reach New High as Premier, Minister Head to Boston Seafood Expo

NOTE: Following the release is a list of the 19 exhibitors participating in the Seafood Expo North America.

As Nova Scotia marks another seafood export milestone, Premier Stephen McNeil and Fisheries and Aquaculture Minister Keith Colwell will travel to Boston next week to join 19 Nova Scotian seafood companies at the annual Seafood Expo North America.

Recently released numbers show that Nova Scotia remains Canada’s seafood export leader with more than $2 billion in exports - 29 per cent of Canada’s total seafood exports. The province’s seafood exports have more than doubled since 2012 when they stood at $922 million.

“Nova Scotia’s seafood industry continues to reach new heights. Last year, our companies exported over $2 billion worth of our premium quality seafood products to markets around the world,” said Premier McNeil. “I’m pleased to be travelling with our industry, as we continue to build our reputation for being Canada’s seafood export powerhouse.”

The United States remains Nova Scotia’s largest market for seafood exports with close to $984 million in 2018. Exports to China followed with over $524 million, an increase of 36 per cent from last year, and the European Union followed with over $197 million.

“Our international seafood brand, 45 North 63 West, has helped give us a competitive advantage by communicating key attributes that our products are known for – exceptional taste and premium quality,” said Mr. Colwell. “I’m very proud of the hard work of our seafood processors and exporters as they continue to meet the growing demand for our premium seafood products.”

While in Boston, the premier will also use the opportunity to speak with United States government officials about Nova Scotia’s key trade interests. He will also meet with representatives from the World Economic Forum to explore partnerships related to Nova Scotia’s ocean industry.

To follow Nova Scotia’s participation at Seafood Expo North America visit the Nova Scotia Seafood Facebook page at http://facebook.com/NSSeafood.

Source:novascotia.ca Date:3/14/2019


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